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Announcing NEW Features of the Circ Marketing Site Program

February 12, 2015 • E-Commerce Upgrade

Today we’re announcing the Version 2 launch of our Circ Marketing Site Program.  This program gives you your own separate e-commerce site for the circulation department, offering you more freedom with your own URL and any number of special offer landing pages to meet your marketing needs.  It is more flexible, functional, feature-rich, and clean-looking than what you’re currently using.  It is standalone, independent, and does not require internal IT resources.  This system was built FOR newspaper circulation departments using industry experience, input, requests, and feedback!

landingpageThe latest features just released include:

  • Your Own Domain – Support for your very own marketing URL that reflects your newspaper name and brand
  • Special Offer Landing Pages – Special offer landing pages (with their own unique web addresses) that can be used in promotional campaigns
  • Marketing Campaign Support – Create as many NEW landing pages as you want, matching the graphics in your marketing campaigns and supporting the capture of orders on the same page (each built for a nominal fee)
  • Reporting – Google analytics code embedded for reporting of traffic and conversions

E-Commerce Upgrade “upgrades” the functionality of your current e-commerce add to cart and check out webpages.  It is standalone, supported by NSS, and requires no internal IT resources to support it.  With a quick rollout in as little as 3 days, you can enhance the user experience on your newspaper’s website and convert more visitors to subscribers.

In addition to the new features above, this program offers:

  • Overall user experience is smoother, with a three step checkout process
  • Seamless integration with your existing website
  • Easier check out
  • Create a variety of campaign-specific landing pages
  • Display options for delivery frequency, subscription length, payment type, disclaimers, and offer details
  • Quick turnaround on offer change requests
  • Google analytics code embedded for reporting of traffic and conversions

The Circ Marketing Site Program is designed to help you convert more website visitors into home delivery and digital subscribers.

Contact us for more details and a demo.

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