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The NSS Direct Mail Program adds an effective new subscriber acquisition start source into your mix that challenges voluntary sources with its high retention rate. In addition to keeping subscribers longer over time, it delivers a low cost per order, making direct mail an extremely smart program for circulation departments to utilize. NSS reduces the soft costs and production costs associated with the total cost of direct mail by managing the process for you. After you provide zip codes, offers, and a list of current subscribers, all that is left to do is process the orders that come in!

Spotlight: Top Performing NSS Direct Mail Pieces








Industry leader in direct mail • Fast & easy turnkey services • Sophisticated modeling & effective targeting • 30+ million pieces mailed to date • 180+ participating newspapers • 1,000+ campaigns executed


  • Low-Cost
    NSS plans 5 strategic press runs per year to secure the lowest production costs
  • Saves Time
    With our completely turnkey approach, NSS manages all aspects of the campaigns.
  • Highly Efficient
    Sophisticated modeling with demographic filtering and cluster partitioning allows us to select ideal target prospects and assures the best response rates
  • Confirmed Results
    Over 1,000 campaigns executed, with retention rates similar to voluntary call-ins

Personal URL (pURL)

NSS offers personal landing pages as a feature of its direct mail campaigns.  A personal URL, or pURL, provides direct mail recipients a URL that is unique to their first and last name.  When the direct mail recipient enters the pURL they find on their direct mail piece, then the name and address information automatically populates the form fields based on a database lookup by NSS.  This means less is needed from the consumer, a better user experience is created, and it is simple and easy for consumers to get a new subscription. View a sample pURL webpage.

Direct mail works to increase print subscriptions. Newspapers from all over the country turn to NSS for direct mail campaign execution.  Why?  Because our turnkey process is finely tuned, well planned, expertly executed and delivers solid results.

See our short video below for Direct Mail Program details.

The Value of Retention in the Cost of Direct Mail Orders

  • Fast, effective way to increase subscribers
  • Completely turnkey program to generate new starts
  • High response rates & the highest retention rates
  • Extremely cost-effective due to economies of scale

“We participated in our first direct mail campaign with NSS in January 2014 with an outstanding response rate. In our January mailing, we generated 300 orders with a CPO of $13.77. Then in May, we had a 2.8% response rate with a CPO of $15.71. We generated almost 600 orders in 2014 with just two mailings at 10,000 per mailing. That’s unusual in this industry.”

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