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Point-of-Sale Coupons
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Laser-Focused Customer Targeting.

The NSS Point-of-Sale Coupon Program targets the consumers most likely to subscribe to your newspaper – single copy newspaper purchasers. These potential subscribers are prequalified and willing to pay for your product. Target these consumers already buying your newspaper by having an offer coupon printed at the point-of-sale and personally handed to them by the checkout cashier. Those consumers are most likely to subscribe to your newspaper because they have made the emotional decision to purchase it, they see value in the print edition, and they are already paying a higher single copy price. Remind them it would be more affordable to subscribe and capture their attention with a well-crafted incentive.

The Right Offer. The Right Prospect. The Right Time.

  • Highly targeted – coupons are generated only when the UPC code is scanned at checkout
  • Cost-effective – billed monthly at just 7¢ per coupon printed; average CPO is $25
  • Easily tracked – every coupon has a specific promo code and URL to track response

Easy to Implement

  • NSS manages the program to ensure the best results
  • To get started, provide the UPC code, zip codes, and promotional offer for your newspaper(s)
  • The NSS creative team can help you maximize your returns with a custom coupon design
  • Whenever a consumer purchases a single copy of your newspaper at a participating grocery store, a point-of-sale coupon is printed and given to the consumer along with their receipt
  • The coupon features your newspaper’s current subscription offer, an internal promotional code for tracking purposes and directs the consumer to either contact your newspaper’s response center or reply by URL


NSS has developed a strategic partnership that makes this possible in most markets.

  • Target the consumers most likely to subscribe to your newspaper
  • Convert single copy newspaper purchasers to home delivery subscribers
  • Very cost-effective with quantifiable results
  • NSS does all the work for you

“The NSS-Direct Mail program has provided an easy, turnkey service that continues to offer newspaper subscriptions for our multiple publications with response rates averaging 0.75 percent to 1.2 percent for non-subscribers in a competitive marketplace.”

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